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Rock Bands!

Are you ready to rock? Suh--weet! Let's combine drums, guitar vocals and bass and make something cool happen! We have two rock bands that meet in our recital/rehearsal center every Tuesday. We have a younger group, ages 8-12 that meets from 4-5pm and an older group, ages 13-18 that meets from 7-8pm. 

Rock Band
Happy Drummer


This group starts August 15th and runs until December 17th when these kids will have the opportunity to rock the stage at our semester concert. 

Guitar Lesson


This group is $90 per month for four months. The groups will be created as students sign up. Our rock band guru and teacher is Charles Curringa, a master rocker straight from the 80's. He will teach you the keys to the power of rock!

For more information Call us at 951-710-4330. 

Live Concert
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