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Youth Choir/Ensembles

It's time to sing! Youth Choir is a wonderful way for young voices to start their musical experience. We offer two levels of youth choir divided by ages. These group classes meet weekly over four months with a concert held on December 17th. 

Children Singing in a Choir

Youth Choir

Our two Youth Choirs meet on Saturdays from 10-11am (Ages 5-12) and 11-12noon (13-18). Pricing is $90 per month over four months.Music and materials are provided.

Vocal Ensemble

A smaller vocal ensemble can be amazing, especially for experienced young musicians. Our vocal ensembles determine their own weekly schedule and meeting time. The pricing for ensembles is $90 per month and include a concert on December 17th. For more information please call us at 951-710-4330. 

Vocal Ensemble.jpeg
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