1. Video framing: Because auditions are “blind” (i.e., the audition judges cannot see you) – focus the camera where you will not be seen, but on an object in the room (lamp, piano, table, cat, etc.) so that the audition judges can see that the video recording is an uninterrupted, single-take recording. It does not matter what the camera “sees,” so long as it is not you! 

  2. Test your video setup by playing a few measures of your scale or your solo to make sure your video camera and microphone are recording properly. Be sure that your microphone is unobstructed and can pick up your sound clearly without distortion. 

  3. Print out a copy of this page and provide it to your audition proctor (the adult in your household who will start and stop the recording and who will announce each section of your audition before you perform it). 

  4. Remember: 

    1. This is a blind audition – you will not speak at all during the audition. 

    2. Your proctor will announce each section of your audition (see script below). 

    3. Your audition video should not exceed 6 minutes TOTAL, including scale, excerpts and solo. If your solo is longer than 6 minutes, choose carefully the portion of the solo you want the judges to hear. They will stop listening after 6 minutes! 

  5. The entire audition must be done in ONE take. In other words, you will NOT stop and restart the video recording between the scale and the excerpts, or between the excerpts and the solo. Of course, you may record the audition as many times as you like, until you are satisfied with a single-take recording that you decide to submit. 


  1. The applicant will play a ____ Major Scale. 

(When student has finished playing the scale, continue to announce # 2). 

  2.  The applicant will now play excerpt #1.

  3. The applicant will not play excerpt #2.
       (When student has finished playing both excerpts, continue to announce # 4. If student is not playing a solo or              etude (Junior Orchestra) you are finished.) 

  4. The applicant’s solo is ________________________ (title) by __________________ (composer).

      STOP RECORDING, and submit your audition video as a Youtube link to brad@temeculaconservatory.com

      For questions contact Brad Bohn at brad@temeculaconservatory.com or text him directly at his cell at 951-710-         4330.