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Spring Concert 2022
Musical Masterpieces

Spring 2022 Concert Poster.jpg

Musical Masterpieces was epic! It showcased music from Copland, Bach, Bernstein and Mozart and also included pieces such as Toccata and Fugue, Canon in D, The Mandalorian, Palladio and The Avengers. Our director Brad Bohn wrote and arranged six of the thirteen pieces including Toccata which we used for our yearly music video. We utilized many different types of percussion in many of these pieces including timpani, bells, tubular chimes, drumset, crashing cymbals, suspended cymbals and many others. 

Our  Chamber Orchestra and Youth Orchestra both received an "Excellent" and "Superior" award  trophy at this years Music In The Park music competition. And for the first time ever our Chamber Orchestra swept the competition with the highest overall score receiving the much coveted Overall Best Performance. This spring semester was epic indeed.

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