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Cello Fellows

Hello cello students, this coming Saturday, January 7th we will be starting a new program called “Cello Fellows”. This is a group that meets monthly with Bernard Jones our illustrious cello teacher. The class will meet the first Saturday of each month from January through May for five total sessions. Beginner cello students (Junior Orchestra Cellos) will meet from 9-10:15am and intermediate (Youth Orchestra Cellos) to advanced (Chamber Orchestra) cello students will meet from 9:45-11am. We’ve overlapped the two groups by 30 minutes in order give time where all cellos are together performing for each other. The tuition for Cello Fellows is $100 for the semester. 

Let's Play!

Celebrate the Cello!

Where in the world can you gather to celebrate the amazing instrument that is the cello? This is the place.


Make Cello Friends!

Cellos Unite! This is where the cellos students congregate at spend time with each other and make amazing life long friends. 


Perform fellow cellos students!

Cellos performing for cellos! This is an audience that understands you and celebrates with you your incredible instrument. 

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