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1. Recording on a phone or tablet device is fine. A special camera or microphone is not necessary. You may want to have someone else press the record and stop button for you.

2.  Record in an acoustically neutral room in your home. Not in your closet (not enough echo) and not
in your bathroom (too much echo). A living room or other open space should be ok. 

3. Record when you can have quiet and no interruptions.
4. For string instruments, make sure your f-holes are directed toward the video recording device.
5. Place the video recording device on a flat surface with microphone area unobstructed.
6. Check sound levels to make sure sound is not distorted in loud passages and inaudible in soft passages.
7. Time your solo pieces ahead of time so you know where to start and stop. You do not have to start at the beginning of your solo piece. You can go over/under the required number of minutes in order to finish a phrase. 


For questions contact Brad Bohn at or text him directly at his cell at 951-710-4330.

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