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Christmas Concert
A Season of Hope

Christmas 2020.jpg

After having to cancel our Spring 2020 concert because of Covid we felt this Christmas season needed some hope. All of our students came back from isolating for six months and were very excited to be able to meet. We followed all the covid rules for meeting together with tables for hand washing, face masks and each student sitting six feet from one another. Not the ideal way to rehearse but we were rehearsing!

Because of Covid this concert was held outside at Longshadow Ranch Winery. It was cold but exciting! We were performing again! This was an awesome experience as we were able to amplify each orchestra and all solos with our new sound system. This would help for the next concert in the spring of 2021 when we continued the covid journey by performing outside at Wilson Creek Winery. I believe we were the only orchestra performing all year as we had a place to rehearse. The journey itself gave me an immense amount of hope for the future. These kids are resilient and awesome!

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