TCM 2020/2021 Auditions/Chair Tests

Hello Inland Valley!

For the first time ever TCM will be opening up it's orchestras to the surrounding community! This means a student will not be required to be a private student at TCM in order to take part in one of its three orchestras; Junior Orchestra, Youth Orchestra and Youth Symphony. Any string student may now take part in our amazing concerts and prepare to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2023. Below are the audition requirements. 


This fall TCM orchestra Auditions/Chair Tests for the 2020-2021 season will consist of students submitting a PDF registration form as well as a YouTube video link to a video of themselves auditioning instead of live in-person auditions. Please follow the Audition registration steps listed and be sure to submit your audition video by the deadline (Friday, August 28th, Midnight).

Current TCM Studio Students

Current TCM students who in the past have auditioned for the TCM Youth Orchestra or TCM Chamber Orchestra and have been accepted will not be required to re-audition. Instead this audition for them will be considered a chair test to determine section and seating.

TCM students who are currently in Junior Orchestra may audition for Youth Orchestra if they have passed off books 1 and 2 of the Suzuki books.

TCM students who are currently in Youth Orchestra may audition for Youth Symphony if they have passed off Suzuki books 1 thru 4.


For students auditioning who do not attend TCM studios this audition will determine section and seating for the orchestra they audition for. It is recommended that teachers outside of TCM who are auditioning their students review the required audition materials with their students to help them determine their expertise level. Students auditioning for Youth Orchestra must be at a Suzuki book 3 level or above. Students auditioning for Youth Symphony must be at a Suzuki book 5 level or above. In the end all students will be placed in an orchestra that fits their level of playing.