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TCM Spring 2023 Auditions/Chair Tests

Registration Forms Due Date: January 6th, Midnight
Auditions Held Saturday, January 14th, 8am-1pm
Location: Temecula Conservatory of Music
33916 Rancho California Rd, Suite 102 & 300

Hello Inland Valley!

TCM orchestras are open to the surrounding community! This means a student is not required to be a private student at TCM in order to take part in one of its three amazing orchestras; Junior Orchestra, Youth Orchestra and Youth Symphony. Any music student  in the area may now take part in our amazing concerts, music videos, music competitions and orchestra parties! And for those aiming for Chamber Orchestra you have Austria, 2024 to look forward to! 


Auditions are being held at the TCM studio at 28910 Rancho California Rd, Suite 102 & 300  in Temecula. We will be opening our orchestra rehearsal/recital  center (Suite 300) 30 minutes before each orchestra audition begins  where students will get out their instruments, be tuned by one of our teachers and  receive their audition number. Auditions are blind, meaning the judges will sit behind a black curtain and will judge students upon their performance only.


We will be holding three separate, consecutive auditions, each one for each of our orchestras. If student is interested in auditioning for one of these three orchestras please click above on the orchestra you are interested in auditioning for and then click on the specific instrument you plan on auditioning with. This will give you a very specific packet of materials including the required excerpts and scale you must play for your auditions. . This packet also has a registration form for students to fill out who are not taking private lessons from TCM but who are auditioning for one of our orchestras. This packet also includes four pages of Frequently Asked Questions as well as an example adjudication sheet and point sheet. Here is the audition schedule. 

Audition Schedule

7:30 Junior Orchestra auditionees arrive and enter Suite 300.

8:00 Auditions begin.  

9:00 Youth Orchestra auditionees arrive and enter Suite 300.

9:30 Auditions begin

10:30 Youth Symphony auditionees arrive and enter Suite 300

11:00 Auditions begin

*For further questions please contact Brad Bohn at 951-710-4330 or

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