The Vision of TCM

In 2013 our owner/director Brad Bohn decided when starting Temecula Conservatory of Music that he would create something awesome. He was inspired by the performance opportunities he had as a youth and realized that that was it. What inspires any young musician is the opportunity to perform!

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How do you inspire children to become amazing musicians? What is the key ingredient to an incredible music education? How do you inspire youth to practice every day? 

We found it. 

Perform! Perform! Perform!


We found that with a system that rewards practicing, regular concerts, recitals, competitions, music videos and orchestra parties will light that fire and inspire all of our students to practice to great heights. 


The Ultimate Heights
Carnegie Hall

When you aim high great things can happen. In 2014 we were one year into the creation of TCM when Brad Bohn, or director announced during a concert that our ultimate goal would be to reach a level of excellence where we could be accepted into the Carnegie Hall Music Festival. In 2017 TCM was accepted and in 2019 our Youth Orchestra and Youth Symphony Traveled to New York and performed at Carnegie Hall where we received a Gold Rating for our performance. 

Continuing the Journey to Excellence

Where do you go after Carnegie Hall? You keep going and going and going. We are set to return to Carnegie Hall in in 2023. Our director during the pandemic has been working on and finishing his masters degree in orchestral conducting to further improve his abilities to help our students keep improving and moving forward 

This past year during Covid-19 we held 2020 Christmas Concert and a 2021 Spring Concert. Our's was the only music organization in the Inland Valley to have regular rehearsals and concerts throughout the pandemic following all the pandemic rules and precautions  . We will continue this year with an area Suzuki Concert in October, a Christmas Concert in December, a Spring Concert next May and Orchestra Competitions at Music In The Parks at Universal Studios.

Perform! Perform! Perform!

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