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Boots And Cats!
Beatboxing Class

Come learn how to beat box with award winning beat box champion Dallin Bohn. This 4 week course meets twice a week on Monday's and Wednesdays at 4pm at TCM starting June 6th.

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All About The Class

Dallin leads a Beatbox Showdown!

Dallin's acapella group latest music video.

Beatbox Basics- Dallins Tiktok Account

Dallin's acapella group wins the acapella competition at BYU.

What's awesome about Beatbox?

Learning the correct pulse and beat is the most difficult part of learning a musical instrument. This class teaches how to produce that beat using the most natural instrument a child has, their voice! There is nothing that will build a child's self esteem faster than having the skill to perform. Being able to beat box sets a child apart as a cut above the rest and very cool indeed!


Dallin Bohn has been playing and performing the violin for 10 years and was TCM's Chamber Orchestra concert master for five years. He has since branched out into the world of beat boxing where he has won beat boxing championships at the university level as well led his acapella group Dynamite  by writing their music and giving them a beat boxing beat! Dallin also has a Tik Tok account with over 10,000 followers where he posts beat boxing tutorials  regularly. Dallin has been teaching violin at TCM for several years and understands how to teach children effectively. With his passion for the beat he will get your child rocking in no time. 


How do we join the class!

This class starts Monday, June 6th  from 4-4:45 in the Recital Hall at TCM and will meet twice a week for four weeks. Registration will be held Wednesday, June 1st at 5pm where students can meet Dallin, fill out paperwork, pay tuition and ask questions. 

Tuition for this class is $195

Class Schedule


6/6, 6/8, 6/13, 6/15, 6/20, 6/22, 6/27, 6/29


Class will meet from 4-4:45pm on each of the scheduled dates.


Class will be held in the TCM Recital Hall at 28910 Rancho California Rd., Suite 300, Temecula, Ca.

Materials Needed

Please bring your own microphone. These can be purchased online or at Guitar Center or other music stores. 

If you are interested in your child joining this class please call Brad Bohn at 951-710-4330. 

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