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Spring  Recital

Hello TCM students, our Spring Recital will be happening on April 22nd at 2:30pm at the Ronald H. Roberts Public Library off of Pauba Road in Temecula. This is an optional event but will give students the amazing opportunity to perform one or two solo pieces they have learned in their weekly private lessons. We hold this recital twice a year and are encouraging every TCM piano, voice, ukulele, guitar and flute student to perform as this opportunity to play on stage by yourself can have significant positive effects on a student’s performing confidence. 


There is a  $20 registration fee. Audience member’s admittance is free. Please download the registration form below, fill them out and email them directly to me. The deadline for registration is April 15th. 


Thanks everyone!


Brad Bohn

Violin Shop

A Time to Perform!

Recitals are amazing opportunities for a student to grow in confidence and ability. This is what we aim for! 

Parallel Lines

Come and enjoy!

TCM families are encouraged to come and hear these amazing students perform their pieces. Attendance is free. Come and encourage these young musicians as they step on stage alone as soloists.

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